Our Mission

We want to add enjoyment to living in Norway

We believe in connecting people

We believe in open minds and cooperation

We believe we can all benefit from diversity

You want to make an impact ?

Join SAPS, and spread the word!

SAPS website operate a strict DO NOT TRACK policy

Admin team

  • President: Hervé Gaudin
  • VP: Julija Gavrilova
  • Treasurer: Yen Vuong
  • VT: Guillem Cheung
  • Secretary: Cyril Ferre
  • VS: Marina Endresen

Activities team

  • Cooking: Hervé and many chefs and volunteers
  • Norwegian språkkafe: Marina, Konrad, Almaz, Olga, Hervé
  • English språkkafe: Patrick, Andrea, Jacquie, Sadie
  • Sport: Lukasz, Tomasz
  • Cabin trips, skiing and hikes: Cyril, Hervé
  • Social meet-ups: Julija, Cyril, Guillem, Hervé
  • Photography: Guillem
  • Film making: Léo
  • Debate: Abhi
  • Spontaneous activities: Anyone can organise!


Learn Norwegian and other languages

Check Facebook group for information: Takk for Praten - Intermediate Conversation A1-A2: Tuesday 18:30 to 20:00 at Stavanger Kulturhus - English conversation: Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00 and Fridays 10:30 to 12:00 at Stavanger Kulturhus

Please always check Sølvberget Program for latest calendar update

Free for members, first session free for non members, In any case, just show up at the event

Indoor Sports

Every Monday (September to May, except December), 20:30 to 22:00 at Stavanger Auglend Skole
Just show up, the guard will tell you where to go.

Free for members, first session free for non members

Art Class, Drawing

Every Saturday 12:00 to 14:00 at Stavanger Kulturhus in Studio, 2nd floor.

Free for members, first session free for non members

Just show up at the event

Cooking together

Cooking then eating Together

Once a month we team up and learn new recipes at Bekkefaret Bydelshus
Then we eat it together, and you bring the leftovers home. Cost sharing: up to 140 NOK per person (usually cheaper, under 100 but inflation will decide) Preregister here then pay by card or VIPPS at the event, details on the Facebook event: SAPS Facebook

Cooking for Kulturkafe

Once or twice a year we run a restaurant on Saturday at lunch time
And we need many volunteers to come and help
Contact us on Facebook to be added to the Cooking Facebook Group

Board Games

No board games at the moment, will inform when resuming the activity.

SAPS Photography

Wednesdays several times a year, 19:00 to 21:00 at Stavanger Kulturhus

Free for members, first lesson free for non members

Just show up at the event

And plenty more...

Learn cross country skiing during our cabin trips, or at Brekko
Explore the mountain following us on a hike,
Discover new sports: Curling, Pilates etc…
Tell us if you have an idea and want to create your own event!

Check our Facebook group
To get the last update:
“Pin” SAPS group to the top of your group list on Facebook

We also like spontaneous and small scale activities! You want company to go Mushroom picking, or Swimming, or to go Watch a movie, or anything else? Just post it here: SAPS Facebook page